The AHC Sponsorship Program
Become Part of Facilitated Working Group of the AHC Stakeholders Who Meet Regularly to Discuss and Address Their Common Issues, Develop Solutions, and Pursue New Opportunities Together
The working groups of the AHC are where all of the planning, problem-solving, research, testing and evaluating, and solution development occurs between industry and government stakeholders and the AHC’s solution partners.

The AHC's Sponsorship Program is a program that provides for the underwriting of the support staff and systems needed to facilitate a body of people through a full 12 months of meetings based on the group's work plan.

Sponsors participate in the formation and growth of the workgroup, can provide influence through their seat on the Executive Steering Committee (details below), and can participate in the thought leadership of the entire working group for 12 months.

This creates a new and unique opportunity for your sponsorship investment if you are interested in more than a typical event sponsorship but instead want to become an influencer within a trusted community of nationwide stakeholders who are addressing a common set of problems or pursuing a common set of opportunities together.

Current AHC Working Groups:
  • ​Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group
  • ​​Sensitive Information Sharing Environment (SISE) Working Group
  • ​​SISE-net / GIS (Geospatial Information Sharing) Working Group (formerly GIS Working Group)
  • ​​State Liaison Working Group
  • ​​Cross-Sector Virtual Exercise Working Group
  • ​​​Endeavor – Pennsylvania Working Group
Learn more about the AHC's Working Groups: groups-overiew.html

Learn more about the AHC via the latest annual report:

Why Sponsor A Working Group?
AHC Working Groups build close relationships with industry and government stakeholders by immersing all of them in a facilitated environment that is action-oriented and results-focused.

Since 2013, the AHC's Working Groups have formed to address numerous issues and opportunities, including:

- Develop a universal problem-solving methodology and facilitation capability for public/private issues
- Reducing power restoration delays via centralizing state declarations and waivers in a single place for utilities
- Active shooter prevention/training
- Protecting industry's sensitive operational information while sharing with states during storms and disasters
- Enhancing cyber security with new cloaking technology
- Operate student intern programs for government hiring needs
- Pursuing federal grant opportunities with FEMA and serving as fiduciary agent for multiple states to work together on the same grant
- Rapid development of commercial truck route assistance system solution during the COVID-19 pandemic with DHS CISA and Idaho National Labs
- Finding trusted PPE suppliers in the US faster during PPE shortages
-Supporting state BEOC programs (Business Emergency Operations Center) with a new private sector-guided model
- Developing new data confidence standards for decision-makers
- Developed a virtual exercise to sync operational communications and coordination during hurricanes between state and industry emergency operations centers (EOC's) via virtual exercises
- Integrating MS-TEAMS into the AHC's disaster response environment with industry and state/federal government
- Creating an online trade school training program for future storm response professionals
- And much more...

The AHC Working Groups form to address issues and solve problems that cannot be solved in the typical "siloed" environments.

If you are looking to enhance your business development, understand what the emerging problems or technologies are to better align your efforts, or want to raise your business networking to another level, the AHC"s Sustaining Partnership Program provides a "unique" opportunity that lets the Consortium's communities go to work with you to accomplish your objectives.

Whats Included with Each Sponsorship Level:


Sponsor Package Prices

Requires a $2,500 Deposit

Sustaining Partner SPONSORSHIP
Billed annually.
  • Limited to (4) four sponsorship slots
Billed annually.
  • Limited to (8) eight sponsorship slots

AHC Sponsor Program Benefits


  • ​​Have a seat at the table on the Working Gr
  • ​Have a seat at the table on the Working Group's Executive Steering Committee
  • ​​​Be on a first name basis with all Executive Steering Committee and Working Group member
  • ​​Nominate your customers or partners to participate and connect them into the planning process
  • ​​Let the Working Group expand your networking for you via introductions to their connections as you work issue together
  • ​​​Participation in working group meetings to meet new AHC industry and government stakeholders


  • ​​​Submit problems or issues to be discussed
  • ​Gain an opportunity to brief on your solution(s) to the Working Group
  • ​​Let AHC staff provide you with email introductions to other members who align with your mission
  • ​Have your company brand visible on all AHC and Working Group communications (Events, Reports & Activities)
  • ​​​Access to meeting registration lists (requires approval)


  • ​​​Attend in-person or virtual Executive Steering Committee meetings to discuss emerging needs, grants or AHC initiatives
  • ​​Participate in working group webinars that create awareness on emerging issues, grants, or initiatives that are not public yet.
  • ​​​Access appropriate working group recordings, documents, slides, etc.
  • ​​Participate in use case development process to broaden your awareness and perspectives on different ways to solve a given problem
  • ​​Access to working group's Microsoft TEAMS channel(s)
  • ​​Participation in all SISE activities (trainings, exercises, webinars, workshops, etc.
  • Messaging - Reaching a large or specific audience with your company message
  • Branding - Promote your company or product branding
  • Reputation – Position your business as a thought leader
  • Feedback – Gain valuable feedback from users in government or industry
  • Awareness – Create nationwide awareness on your solution, initiative or project
  • ​Crisis Response – Participate in a trusted community of industry and government crisis mangers during a large scale crisis (hurricanes, regional storms, etc..)
  • Development - to engage with AHC stakeholders year round to develop relationships, business opportunities, identify/validate
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Below are a few of the hundreds of stories from AHC partners.
StormCenter Communications, Inc.
Dave Jones, CEO
Baltimore, Maryland
Our company has supported the All Hazards Consortium has several years. Being a small company, we don't have a huge staff to help us with our marketing and communications efforts with our software product and the related services.

 Working with the AHC and its Multi-State Fleet Response and SISE (Sensitive Information Sharing Environment)  Working Groups has engaged us with decision makers and "influencers"  in industry and government at all levels in way where we  were note viewed as a vendor but a partner.
It has opened the door to so many opportunities across the country in a way, as a vendor, we could have never generated on our own

For us, it was a more cost effective way to get our message out than flying around the country "hoping" to find the right people that could lead us to decision makers...which is what most companies do.

For the cost of roughly a couple of 2 day two conferences that we used to attend and get nothing from really, our engagement with the AHC exposed us to dozens of smaller meetings with decision makers which not only led us to new opportunities....but help us dramatically improve the way we positioned our solutions in the marketplace and become better aligned with what the decision makers wanted and why our solution was unique.

Pat Wheeler
Principle, MAZARS USA
Frederick, Maryland
The AHC's Sustaining Partner program helps us in several ways.

First it reduced our business development costs. We significantly reduces our travel related costs by attending more virtual meetings and fewer live meetings.

Second, the AHC aggregated the decision makers in government and industry for us in a single place through their working groups, workshops, and annual meetings.

Third,  we became seen as a partner instead of the vendor. We were allowed into discussions that were unbelievably informative for us and helped us better align our message to different customers in a way that our single brochures or website could never do.  

Lastly, we have never been engaged with an organization that had such a broad and trusted brand as the AHC.

Their reputation is nationally recognized and trusted by senior officials in government and industry, particularly in the disaster management and information sharing spaces.

They reach across local, state and federal government spectrum with ease and their industry connections are even broader.

Associating with them opened doors for us quickly and efficiently at a cost that was a fraction of our previous methods.
Bent Ear Solutions, LLC
Chris McIntosh
Washington, DC
Over the years, I have watched the Consortium mature and grow at an unprecedented rate, and was particularly impressed at its ability to organize people by topic or issue very quickly, as well as facilitate discussions and produce agreements, requirements, or solutions to address specific issues in government or the private sector.

In my professional opinion, there is no faster way that I know of for any organization to get their message out, meet the right people in government or industry, and become part of a community that is genuinely changing the future of disaster management and how data-driven decision making will be conducted in the future.

Their partnerships with industry and government consistently creates initiatives, funding sources, projects, and resources that produce real results for everyone involved.

My involvement with the AHC's GIS working group exposed me to significant opportunities for my small business within several large utilities, along with several states and DHS. More importantly, it allowed me to become a partner and contribute to the work of this groundbreaking effort.

Nowhere else could I have done this except by leveraging the 15-year reputation and nationwide network of the AHC and its existing relationships with states, FEMA, DHS, DOE, DOT, and private sector companies in the energy, communications, transportation, finance, retail, health, and food sectors


These candid results-focused meetings are usually off-limits to vendors and the media.

The All Hazards Consortium has now made it possible for responsible vendors to participate fully in all the activities of the group by becoming a working group sponsor via our Sustaining Partner Program.

As a working group sponsor, you are welcomed inside the circle of trust that has been developed by the All Hazards Consortium over more than fifteen years of support for the disaster response and critical infrastructure community.

You become known as someone who cares about the same problems as the other public and private sector stakeholders and who brings insights, solutions and resources that benefit everyone.

Sponsors automatically become Basic AHC Members and will be invited to participate in weekly working group calls and any other live or virtual meetings of the group.

You’ll have access to the current working group information products and tools and be able to help shape new solutions by participating in the ongoing problem solving processes of the working group member organization.

Working group members express candid views of the problems they are attempting to overcome. You get to know them as people, not just a title.

Virtually everyone in a working group is in an organization that is a large institutional buyer of products, services, and solutions.
Instead of being one of the many vendors that struggle to even get time with these key stakeholders, you’ll be in a position to earn their trust and respect.

You may also find out about new federal or academic research and development or new initiatives that your organization can leverage.

Becoming a working group sponsor is easy and affordable.

Organizations often spend large sums to exhibit at conferences and trade shows in the hopes of getting a few moments with the types of buyers that participate in the All Hazards Consortium’s working groups.

The annual fee for working group sponsorship is $15,000 a year.

This gives you the opportunity to engage with key stakeholders every week in a setting where you are seen as a trusted partner.

If your organization has products, solutions or services that are applicable to industry or government disaster response, information sharing, GIS software/data, critical infrastructure resilience, or cybersecurity, there is no better sponsorship platform for both business intelligence and business development than the AHC's .
The AHC expands its stakeholder base with each new disaster or problem it undertakes through its working groups, committees and partnerships. Below is only a small list of new stakeholders who participated in AHC activities over the past 12 months. 
● ​Alabama Emergency Management Agency
● ​Allied Universal
● ​Allstate
● ​Ameren Illinois
● ​American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers
● ​American Gas Association
● ​American Public Power Association
● ​American Red Cross NHQ
● ​American Trucking Associations
● ​Asplundh Tree Expert, LLC
● ​AT&T Disaster Recovery
● ​AT&T Network Disaster Recovery/FirstNet
● ​Atlas Oil Company
● ​Base Logistics, LLC
● ​BBX Capital
● ​BGE Emergency Response
● ​Boeing
● ​Booz Allen Hamilton
● ​BP
● ​Brookhaven National Lab
● ​C&S Wholesale Grocers
● ​Caltrans - California Department of Transportation
● ​Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineering Institute
● ​CenterPoint Energy
● ​CenterPoint Energy
● ​Centurylink
● ​Comcast Cable
● ​ComEd
● ​ComEd / Emergency Preparedness
● ​Commonwealth of PA
● ​County of Los Angeles Chief Executive Office | Emergency Management
● ​Cox Communications
● ​CVS Health
● ​DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency
● ​DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
● ​Delaware City Refining Company
● ​Department of Energy
● ​Department of Homeland Security
● ​Department of Transportation
● Dewberry
● ​​Dominion Energy
● ​​Duke Energy Emergency Management
● ​​Dun & Bradstreet
● ​​Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
● ​​Facebook ​​
● ​FBI
● ​​​​FEMA
● ​​Food Marketing Institute (FMI)
● ​Google
● ​Hydro-Québec
● ​Idaho National Lab
● ​Intel Corporation
● ​ITC Holdings Corp.
● ​Jet Blue
● ​Lockheed Martin Owego
● ​Marriott International Inc
● ​Mayo Clinic
● ​Safeway
● ​NYU Langone Health
● ​Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency – PEMA
● ​Quanta Services
● ​SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
● ​SHI International Corp
● ​Siemens Industry, Inc.
● ​Southern Company
● ​Stripe
● ​SunTrust
● ​The Walt Disney Company
● ​T-Mobile
● ​U.S. Bank
● ​Uber Freight
● ​Verizon
● ​Virginia Department of Emergency Management
● ​Wakefern Food Corp.
● ​Walmart
● ​Wegmans Food Markets

​And 500+ more
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