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A new approach to trusted data driven decision making
WHAT IS SISE? The SISE is a legal "trust framework" that supports sensitive operational information sharing across industry and government for the purpose of enhancing decision making before, during and after storms, disasters or any type of disruptions.

PURPOSE OF SISE? Enables a trusted nationwide operational community of people that produces more reliable, better organized data and develops new, creative and innovative solutions that help decision makers make faster, more informed decisions during disasters.

HOW DOES IT WORK? The SISE facilitates its operational community of vetted people and partners through a sustained planing process to identify and solve operational problems together.

WHY IS SISE NEEDED? The SISE was created to build trust between operational trust between industry and government, between operational decision makers and technical professionals, between researchers and operations professionals, and between operations and non-operational people. As trust increases, barriers are reduced and results occur faster.... which builds more so on.
The SISE Community
Effective disaster response and recovery reduces risks and impacts to communities and infrastructure. It also hinges on sustained planning and constant exercising and execution plans and innovative solutions. The decisions made to formulate these plans and solutions require reliable, trusted, and better organized people and data. The SISE Community was created for such a task in order to facilitate faster and better decision making to reduce risks, recovery faster and save lives.
Partnerships That Foster Solutions
A meeting of the minds is not some slogan, but rather a fact. The SISE Community puts this into practice everyday as it's partnerships collectively focuses on the improvement of Disaster Management. They leverage the cumulative knowledge gained from the collaboration between sectors to find solutions to the problems that routinely plague our collective Disaster Management planning.
The SISE Trust Network
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Empowering Partnerships That Create Solutions
The SISE Community overall mission  is to continuously improve Disaster Management communication among all sectors.

Our aim is to make decision making faster and more accurate. In the process, the SISE Community also cultivates partnerships that encourages cooperation, coordination and the sharing of knowledge as well as vetted expertise.
The SISE Community understands the importance of transparency. The collaboration and coordination cultivated by the SISE Community is used to promote the sharing of information among the various sectors.
In the process, we use these partnerships to illuminate the overall interdependence between the various sectors.
The SISE Community leverages the knowledge gained from the various sectors to demonstrate how each sector's accountability effects the overall Disaster Management landscape.
During a disaster, organizations within every industry require accurate, fast, and organized information. However, not all sectors or industries need the exact same information to make the necessary decisions to manage a disaster. 
The SISE Community understands this and has created tools that provide solutions to fit every disaster management need.
Flexibility is built into framework of the SISE Community.
The SISE Community
SISE Solutions
Data Driven Decision Making is at the heart of the SISE Community. Cultivating partnerships through the sharing of information promotes transparency amongst the various sectors.The SISE Community also integrates legal frameworks, policies, processes, standards and technology together into a single platform that culminates into a trust framework that provides a foundation to build upon in the future. 
Better Situational Awareness
The effectiveness and accuracy of your information governs your decisions. During times of crisis, access to information that garners you better situational awareness is essential in the decision making process. The SISE Community understands this and with their platform, they facilitate and promote collaboration and coordination.
Partnerships Anchored in Coordination
The interdependence among the sectors creates an environment for sharing. The SISE Community, in turn, provides a safe and secure platform that promotes collaboration and the sharing of information. Collaboration when paired with coordination is a formulation for effective success.
The SISE Community Simplifies Your Decision Making Process
The accumulation of accurate and concise information is only as useful as the ability to access and understand it.
The SISE Community not only provides the most accurate and up to date information, but also make this information easy to access and easy to understand.
The effectiveness of any plan teeters on timely and accurate execution by all parties involved.
The SISE Community understands the importance of coordination among professionals within your industry or within other sectors.
The SISE Community realizes that collaboration without coordination leads to poor operational execution.
Informational Understanding
Situational awareness is most effective when it is fully understood.
Gaining such an understanding is critical in the process of assessing a situation quickly and accurately.
Through the sensitivity information sharing environment (SISE), stakeholders are armed with the tools to achieve better situational awareness and understanding.

Partnerships That Cultivate Results
Transparency, collaboration, and coordination are three of the main components needed to change the way we look at Disaster Management.
The SISE Community promotes these mutually beneficial partnerships because they translate into better, faster, and more accurate decision making.
The disasters we face today are evolving and becoming more dangerous as well as more difficult to plan for.
Therefore, the SISE Community promotes the idea that we as decision makers must evolve as well.
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The effectiveness of a Disaster Management plan is dependent upon the decision maker's ability to properly assess an impending crisis. This also hinges on the decision maker's understanding of the concept of situational awareness.
However, as a whole, all of these components depend on the speed and accuracy of the information the decision maker uses to make their decision.
Two of the most common obstacles to effective disaster Management is the lack of access and the inaccuracy of necessary data sets.

The SISE Community focuses on providing solutions to these and other common issues decision makers face in their Disaster Planning efforts.
Solutions that Cater to the Decision Maker's Needs
Break Down the Barriers to Cooperation
The fact still remains, that two heads are better than one, usually. Finding solutions to your Disaster Planning obstacles is no different. Cooperation and coordination is always key. 
However, it is not an effective approach until all parties clearly understand their interdependence. Upon this realization, the various sectors become unified and focused on the common goal, Disaster Management.

Transportation and Movement
Before, during, and after a disaster, transportation plays a vital role in your restoration efforts.
The allocation of supplies and other resources depends on your ability to move and properly transport what you need to where you need it.
The SISE Community provides the tools you need to properly address all of your transportation and movement concerns.

Finding Suppliers

Providing accurate and up-to-date information to our stakeholders enables them to easily locate suppliers and the supplies they need.
The SISE Community also ensures transparency between the various sectors and this encourages further cooperation.
Finding the necessary supplies and raw materials expedites the recovery process and lessens an organizations down time.

Simplify Your Disaster Management Planning
Even in terms of Disaster Management, the simplest approach to planning is often the best.
With all of the variables involved in a foreseeable disaster or crisis, it is best to remove complications whenever possible.
The SISE Community understands this concept and their overall goal is to provide you with the most effective tools that are also easy to access, easy to use, and easy to understand.
With these ever evolving threats, it is better to approach your Disaster Planning in the most organized and efficient manner possible.

Streamline Your Disaster Management Planning
The tasks a decision maker must account for can include finding suppliers, finding supplies or raw materials, personnel, and determining transportation routes or movement.
Regardless of the task, you can find all of the tools necessary to achieve your Disaster Management goals in one place, the SISE App Store.
The SISE App Store is your one-stop shop for all of your real-time data and asset allocation needs.
Streamlining the planning and execution of your Disaster Management Plans, has never been easier.
The collaborative environment found within the SISE Community makes finding solutions to your Disaster Management Planning issues a cinch.
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There is a solution to every problem. SISE App Store was created to be the solution to any issue that inhibits a decision maker's ability to formulate and execute an effective disaster response plan.
Accuracy Rated Data
ORL --- **The SISE Community’s credibility stems from the agencies and businesses that have already put their trust in the effectiveness of their operational capabilities.
There is no other time when dependability matters more than during times of crisis.
The SISE Community provides actionable data that enables government and private sectors alike, to make fast and accurate decisions when nothing less is required.**
Trusted, Secure and Cost-Effective
Ezri Data, 2factor Operational Level tool ***The SISE or Sensitive Information Sharing Environment is a platform dedicated to the secure and safe exchange of information.
This centralized and organized information affords  the members of its community a streamlined advantage in terms of Disaster Management.
In turn, this lowers costs, decreases down time, speeds up the recovery effort, and saves resources.***
Real Time Data
Chris Dash Boards...***To create better decision makers, you need better more accurate information.
In order to make accurate decisions faster, you need information that is fast, accurate, accessible, and concise.
The SISE Community is the one place where all of these things converge.***
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