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SISE Subscription Program Options
12 months 
$100/month ( Billed Once )
    24 months 
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        Here's What's Included
        AHC PRO Subscription Program
        12 months 
        $100/month ( Billed Annually )
          Here's What's Included

          Trusted Community

          • ​​Voting member status
          • ​Participate in weekly working group meetings
          • ​Participate on use case development committees
          • ​Provide input into AHC initiative development
          • ​Opportunity to network with working group peers
          • ​Leverage AHC operational and solution provider  partnerships

          Technology & Tools

          • ​Access to AHC Appstore where solutions are housed
          • ​Unlimited free updates for data-sets, software, playbooks, websites, apps, etc…
          • Access to apps, websites, dashboards, operational guides, maps, datasets, reports
          • ​Access to new solutions as released 
          • ​Access to 3rd party solutions

          Problem Solving

          • ​Participate in problem solving sessions
          • ​Help shape solutions and prioritize issues
          • ​Access the solutions of problem solving process

          Emerging Solutions

          • Participate in briefings and discussions on new innovations and developing solutions
          • Access to solutions at no additional cost​ (PREMIUM items not included)

          Support Services

          • ​Receive technical support for logins, passwords, etc... related to AHC technology platforms
          • Receive operational alerts and supports during AHC disaster activations
          • ​Access to PRO level training and education for your professional development
          • ​Ability to access other additional PRO services
          1)  Full access to SISE
          2)  Access to working groups and use case committees
          3)  Invitation to webinars, meetings, workshops and summits
          4)  Unlimited free updates for datasets, software, playbooks, websites, apps, etc…
          5)  Discounts on premium solutions and approved 3rd party products
          6)  SISE Appstore access
          7)  Blue-Sky Day services
          8)  Dark Sky Day services
          • Trusted Community - Participate in PRO Community including Working Group Meetings, Problem Solving Sessions, Initiative Discussions & Solution Development activities
          • ​​Problem Solving - Participate in Problem Solving and Initiative/Solution Development Meetings
          • ​​Technology & Tools - Access to AHC Solutions (Apps, Dashboards, etc..) & 3rd Party Solutions via the Appstore
          • ​​Support Services - Receive Technical Support, Operational Help Desk Support during Activations, Education/Training Support Services for Professional Development
          • ​​Emerging Solutions - Access to emerging solutions at no additional costs (PREMIUM items not included)

          Blue-Sky Day Services & Benefits
          - Participation on SISE working groups and use case committees
          - Invitation to SISE events (webinars, meetings, workshops and summits)
          - Unlimited free updates for data-sets, software, playbooks, websites, apps, etc…
          - Discounts on SISE premium solutions
          - Access to SISE Appstore and solutions
          - Access to SISE Use Case Committees, meetings, events

          - Access to SISE datasets, websites, playbooks, apps and dashboards

          - Access to SISE products, services and 3rd party solutions

          - Access to SISE training, education

          Fixed cost subscription
          - Unlimited free updates, datasets, etc…

          - Cross sector planning & networking builds trust

          - Increases your knowledge base and expert network

          - Enhances your situational awareness and risk management

          - Faster decision-making w/more reliable, validate information

          - Ongoing development of new datasets, tools, products & services

          - Ongoing cross sector education

          - Flat fee service w/increasing annual benefits

          Dark-Sky Day Service & Benefits
          - Access to trusted community
          - Access to SISE information, products & tools
          - Access to products & services (dashboards, data-sets, & services)
          - Access to ongoing training & training library
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          Alerts and Updates
          - Disaster activation alerts and daily cross sector updates during events

          Virtual Help Desk Community
          - Access to SISE’s support network via text or email to answer questions, validate information, etc…

          Operation Coordination w/Government
          - SISE summarizes and shares actionable information from numerous government coordination calls for you

          Cross Sector Coordination
          - SISE summarizes and shares actionable information between sectors (e.g. electric, communications, food, water, finance, medical, transportation, fuel, etc..

          - Alerts and information comes to you automatically

          - Connects you to operations professionals in industry and government working together so you aren’t alone in your response

          - Know what government is doing or even going to do before they do it 

          - Coordinate with other sectors and reduce operational risks to your people, customers, contractors, and communities

          - Benefit from SISE’s total efforts

          - Unique capabilities, data and solutions only available via SISE

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